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    Zimmerman case Good article--I have never heard that side of the story. Gives one a much better understanding of what could be Zimmerman's point of view...or frame of mind. Nevertheless, I believe that Zimmerman was emboldened by having a weapon, and that boldness led to him exiting his...
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    I mildly brandished last night

    Carry all of the time. Glad it ended well for you...and thank you for advocating the regular use of a holster. Might I add that the holster should cover the trigger so this doesn't happen to you... Link Removed
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    What bullet do you use ?

    Cor-Bon DPX +1 Cor-Bon DPX 115gr I like research and science. This article specifically mentions Glaser Safety Slugs (NOT in a good way) and the Cor-Bon DPX (in a good way, for most of the calibers) Link Removed Another good read is this one on the Chuck Hawks site: Ammunition For The...
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    CCW caliber?

    Ballistics research First, "Welcome!" Second, if you are truly a Buckeye in A2, it's a good thing you are getting a CPL :) Kidding of course! :) In all seriousness, we all face this decision and you will have to find your own way. I am a fellow A2-ite, and I tend to be the research type...
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    What gun is best for a girl?

    Picking your first handgun--woman's point of view Welcome! I am too old to be considered a "girl," but I will answer from a woman's standpoint. :) Those that recommend that you TRY, TRY, TRY (meaning handle, shoot, and see if you can manage shooting/caring for/take-down of the firearm) are...
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    Purchased Ruger LC9 What Ammo Would You Recommend For Personal Protection

    choosing 9mm self defense ammo Congrats on your purchase. Everyone has their favorite, but before you go any further I highly recommend that you read this web page as it is chock full of information. Link Removed Excerpt regarding 9mm ammo: If you take all of these criteria into...
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    Best choice for handgun ammunition

    Self Defense Ammo Thanks for posting this! I think I remember this from my own research. Very telling. I carry Corbon DPX 115gr JHPs because of articles like this.
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    Lost man shoots violent home intruder.

    Man in parked car shoots intruder I was confused by the "LOST man" part of the title ... I still am. Anyway, if I read this article correctly, the home-owner had to run to his vehicle, retrieve the weapon, and shoot the advancing attacker from a seated position within the vehicle, RIGHT...
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    Open Carry in Mississippi

    Mississippi Open Carry is a pretty good resource for these questions. MS page is here: Link Removed Excerpt: Summary Mississippi is an open carry state and the state constitution appears to guarantee this right. Further, localities are generally preempted under state law...
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    Open carry in bank

    CC in bank in Michigan Missoak: I live in Michigan and I have a CPL, but I am not a lawyer so take all that into account when reading my post.... I am in agreement with NavyLT: I have not been able to find any STATUTE indicating that concealed carry in a bank is illegal. It is my...
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    Age Restrictions and Vehicle carry

    Arkansas carry--concealed or open--for an 18 year old I followed the links posted by SEEYA (see excerpt below), and it would appear that you are not eligible for concealed carry as you are under 21 years of age. "TO AUTHORIZE THE ARKANSAS STATE POLICE TO ISSUE LICENSES TO QUALIFIED...
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    Female carry issue

    On the body carry for women @carolinadrifter: Very good of you to look for options for your wife. I hope you get a lot of helpful responses here. I carry EVERY DAY (on the body), ALL DAY because the bad guys of this world have yet to call me and make an appointment for when they plan to do...
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    Movie theater vs. a theatre

    theaters in MI as pistol free zones I usually refer to the statute on questions of this nature, and when in doubt I will look to see if MCRGO (Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners) has any clarification on the "legalese." I found this in the FAQ/Ask the Lawyer section on the MCRGO...
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    Michigan, Self Defense Question

    No Duty to Retreat only applicable in 3 scenarios This is a pretty good layman's explanation, applicable to Michigan Law: Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners - Forum question Link Removed Q: During my CPL class we were told of the requirement to retreat before using deadly force...
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    1911 question

    1911's... I do not have one (but I want one). I like the aesthetics (the looks) of the 1911. They are beautiful, and they are also THIN. They also seem to come in various calibers, with .45 ACP appearing to be the most common. For me, the Nighthawk Ladyhawk Link Removed (the THINNESS...
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    Handgun and holster selection

    Personal choice I am in agreement with jtg452: you should go shoot the guns to see what you like, and to find out what attributes of each gun are appealing to you. I researched my first gun to death, narrowed it down to 3 guns, and after shooting a bunch at the range I came home with a...
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    Good Handgun safe?

    Handgun safe I use a safe like this one: For around $30 this safe comes in keyed or combination versions. For quick access (like at night), keep the key on you when you sleep OR set the combination so that you don't have to turn too many dials to open it. BTW, you can view more info on...
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    PA, conceled carry & alcohol

    Looked, but couldn't find much documentation to help you Sorry, I looked and couldn't find much information on the limitations of CCW in PA. I looked here: Link Removed and here: Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association I personally wouldn't imbibe while carrying--whether it is written in...
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    Wound Cavities, Penetration, Bullet Yaw

    I too was just reading the info on Link Removed. It is quite revealing, and has made me seriously consider adding a .45 to my gun collection (which is currently comprised of only 9mm's). It is GREAT when FACTS can back up a person's arguments ... in this case, reasons to choose certain ammo /...
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    Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun?

    choosing a gun Because you say you "FEEL LIKE IT WILL BE MORE COMFORTABLE TO SHOOT" indicates to me that you haven't shot it yet. Have you shot any??? Please, shoot before you buy!!! I picked my first gun after a LOT of research (I'm a research junkie, and the Sig P239 made it to the top...