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    Open Carry Under Attack

    Link Removed.......Link Removed
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    Guess I'm a Racist.

    Link Removed...........
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    Who are you voting for?

    I think Otis's head just exploded..... Link Removed
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    One in the chamber.... or not

    Link Removed...........
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    Best Pocket Pistol

    Seecamp makes a great little mouse gun.....Comes in .380 or .32 Link Removed
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    Uncle Ted tell it like it is!

    Ted Nugent On Colorado Shooting :: Gun Talk Radio with Tom Gresham
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    colarado has ccw,but no one was carrying at the movie?

    Thats's what I don't get....I went to the theatre last night and took a real good look around. #1 He started at the bottom by the exit, Which means depending on where you were sitting(I always sit closer to the midway point up the stairs) You would have an elevated point of attack , ( you would...
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    The dispach audio for the Colorado shooting

    There is alot going on in this audio, but you can still hear whats going on....
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    Muslims assaulting Christians

    This gets my blood boiling! How can anyone in their right mind say that the muslim religion is one of peace, When time and time again they show otherwise...... The officers present should hang their heads in shame! Link Removed
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    Post some cool pics you've taken

    Link RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink Removed Here is some Black and whites that I took in Wyoming.... I believe the first pic is of Mt. Moran in the evening. A couple of the Grand and I think the last is on String lake.
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    Rem 700 Tactical Scope?

    I had a Nightforce on my 700 for a long time.... That's where my vote lies. Even though I have a bit less expensive scope on it at the moment.Link Removed
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    Post some cool pics you've taken

    I like your pics.... The Rhino is awsome!
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    Off-Duty Detroit Police Shooting

    He was probably wearing a shoulder rig.....
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    Post some cool pics you've taken

    Link RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink Removed Couple of pics from a crazy winter storm we had. Believe it or not those roof lines, A nice Buck in my front yard (kinda blury though) It was a quick pic, A a couple pics of a hike we did up roundtop peak . I think it's around 10,398 ft
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    Just because they are LEO don't make them OK!!!!

    The officers were arrested!!!! That just can't be I tell ya..... I thought every case ended in a cover up!
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    best bellyband holster

    This one looks like it's really built well. I think this might be my next purchase after I get my FusionPac in the mail.
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    Post some cool pics you've taken

    I am kind of a amature photographer. Here's a few pics of the hundreds I took on our trip to Wyoming. Let's see some of your pics.....Link RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink Removed
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    Awsome Apocalypse collection

    This guy might be my new idol. Not sure if this has been posted already( I couldn't find it). This is an awesome Zombie Apocalypse, SHTF Collection! Take some time and enjoy....
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    Kalifornia bans open carry of long guns

    What a bunch of Red Diaper Doper Babies! I'm sick of this state.... Bill Would Ban Open Carry Of Rifles :