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    Why I carry a gun everyday

    Found this on Facebook from Hickok45 Link Removed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Big Green Egg

    Anyone else on here cook on a big green egg cooker? I picked one up about 6 months ago and the fam and I love it Link Removed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    "New jersey at it again" hope this is not a duplicate

    This lady even volunteered the info that she had a gun and that she was a CCW holder...yes I know a permit holder should know the laws of each state if you so happen to visit or drive through, so in reality its her own fault ...but given the circumstances of this case its crazy that there is no...
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    new holsters

    Sorry guys couldn't resist :cool:
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    S&W model 686

    Need some advice / help ... I have a S.S. model 686 Smith & Wesson .357 magnum trigger, target hammer, red ramp and white outline sights ... looking to sell it, condition would be considered good def. Not new but it still looks good ...the help I need is a good range to ask for...
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    NFL rule & off duty police officers

    So much for 24/7 & up holding the law... Libs another attempt at gun free zone :rolleyes: ... Smh
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    Harvard study dispels myth about gun control
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    new gun legislation & 501c corp

    Well you have to turn over a few rocks to see what's hiding sometimes... Democrats are feeling pretty good about passing sweeping gun legislation in the coming weeks...
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    you just can't make this stuff up!?!?!?
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    NY Court Ruling: Citizens Need 'Proper Cause' to Concealed Carry

    NY Court Ruling: Citizens Need 'Proper Cause' to Concealed Carry - Link Removed
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    remember Ak47 debate question?

    Who's not surprised LOL ... Libs are so underhanded and every debate so far so blatantly biased its laughable ... There is a link in the comments that takes you to an article where another of the debate questioners was trashing Romney hour after the debate my my undecided voters my ARSE...
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    twelve year old shoots home invader

    she did everything right, good for her 12 Year Old Girl Shoots Home Intruder - - No One Gets You Closer
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    home owner shoots home invader

    A homeowner shot an injured one suspect after an attempted home robbery. Miramar Police responded to an attempted home invasion and shooting at 5234 SW 149 Ave., shortly before midnight Sunday. According to police, the homeowner heard something or someone entering his house and fired at one of...
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    Florida Man Has Loaded Gun Stolen From His Car, Only to Have It Returned

    Florida Man Has Loaded Gun Stolen From His Car, Only to Have It Returned With a Disturbing Message THE BLAZE | AUGUST 23, 2012 Link Removed A Florida man says he will no longer carry a loaded gun in his car after a disturbing incident at his Port St. Lucie home. Someone apparently wanted t...
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    weird stuff for your B.O.B.

    Saw this article & thought I'd share it... don't know if I totally agree with the items picked but none the less makes for good conversation Survival Gear: The Weirdest Stuff That Should Be In Your Survival Kits And Bug Out Bag OUTDOOR LIFE - | AUGUST 17, 2012 Link Removed Opinions about...
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    Jesus hates Guns???

    Interesting article .... of which I don't agree with :) Jesus Hates Guns We don't ban matches because of arsonists, we don't ban forks because of obesity! There are enough gun laws on the books now to make a layer pule....evil will find a way...laws don't stop the lawless they only infringe on...
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    good article about Florida
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    is this a Springfield or colt ??

    is this a Springfield or colt ?? link repaired
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    grandfather comes home to a burglar..

    Unbelievable the grandfather is facing prison time for this: