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  1. GlassWolf

    Walther PPQ M2

    I have the PPQ M1 and it's one of my favorite sidearms. I EDC the gun, and it's terrific. Link Removed
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    zeroing for dummies

    You said adjusting the sights don't make any difference to impact point. Extending the range will exaggerate the changes made to the sight adjustments, making any actual change more obvious. At 7 or 9 feet I can make a quarter group with otu using any sights, so what's the point? If you are...
  3. GlassWolf

    Mossberg AR Mags

    Link Removed If you mean this, it looks like a standard USGI aluminum 30 round AR mag with anti-tilt follower. I get these for about $7-$9 each without the Mossberg nameplates. As long as the USGI mags have an anti-tilt follower, they're A-Ok.
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    I'm sorry but this really bothers me

    Oh, you mean like this guy? Link Removed
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    Questions about Concealed Carry

    while for concealed carry, I tend to not use a rail mounted light or laser, I do carry a tactical light so I can use the light alone without the gun for a number of things at night. If you want a holster for a gun with a rail mounted device, look at Link Removed He custom makes them to fit...
  6. GlassWolf

    Best Conceal and Carry for mid-back

    small of back is a bad idea. If you're pushed backward and fall onto your back, the gun becomes difficult if even possible to access, and you can incur severe spinal damage falling on it.. especially if you slip on some stairs. That said, if you insist on it, look at Link Removed He doesn't...
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    AR pistols

    The Troll comment was addressed to the Troll. "rich kid." That was the purpose for the separation in responses. I have a feeling you thought I was talking to you. I wasn't. I've been addressing that child as "Troll" from the first post he made. If he actually wanted to have a rational...
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    trouble with sight picture

    I use progressive lenses, too. You just need to either lift your chin a bit to use a lower portion of the progression in the lens, or look over the top rim of the glasses and shoot without them. Also, look into XS Big Dot sights for your handgun. That'll give you a nice, fat front pie-plate of...
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    conceal carryof knives

    fixed blade, folders, concealed or open carry, blade lengths allowed.. all of it varies not only by state, but in many cases, even by county. Link Removed Link Removed Use the above links to cross reference the answer to your question. Then go...
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    AR pistols

    They can be very loud unless you're using a supressor. A muzzle break that directs everything forward can help some too. I have a DPMS Kitty Kat, and an AR pistol I built, 7.5" barrel. Outstanding guns if you want something powerful, compact, and not requiring an NFA tax stamp and a year's...
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    It's Official - UN Map: US highest in gun ownership, LOW in murder!!!

    Now to get accurate figures, subtract all suicides and gang-related murders from that tally, and watch how far the US numbers drop.
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    Another court case involving our security company

    Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Short of it: Guy got denied entry to a club due to a fake ID, asked to leave, escorted to his vehicle. Guy tries to start a fight, gets pepper sprayed. Guy and his brother get in car and leave, then drive by and start shooting from the car. Guy hits...
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    Common Core Standards

    Link Removed Follow up to the above article.
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    Common Core Standards

    Stereotyping classist racist. Good job. Can he be any more ignorant or was that pushing your author's boundaries?
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    Pistol mag pouch?

    Horizontal works great, except in my case having a 31" wasit, I just don't have enough cushion to hold something that long and straight on my side. too much curve, not enough real estate. haha It depends on your prefs and your build. Pick what works for ya. I do like horizontals too though...
  16. GlassWolf

    Some news on the shooting I've mentioned before

    So I've mentioned a shooting my security company was involved in a while back in some of my posts. I thought I'd post some news articles about it, as the case is finally over in court. The original shooting: Deputies Arrest Suspect in Mr. Lucky's | The results of the case: Jury finds...
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    Who knows their physics? Punching...

    The part of the equation you're neglecting to factor in is the amount of force behind that punch when it does connect. I recently (within the last couple of weeks) saw a show that was talking about the physics and bio-mechanics of a punch, and showed the musculature and motion of a strike, and...
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    I need advice on a small 9mm pocket auto...

    I just got a Versacarry holster for my Nano and am wearing it right now to get used to it. I really like how small it is for carrying the gun. Regarding the Glock hate, I think a lot of it started with the old 1911 fans disliking the idea of a "plastic gun" when they came out, lacking trust in...
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    Revolver or Magazine for Carry?

    Whcih you carry is personal choice. I carry an auto. Your assumption on spring wear is incorrect, though. Spring steel fatigues by being compressed and decompressed repeatedly, not by being left in a compressed state, so leaving mags loaded actually will cause less spring fatigue than...
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    I need advice on a small 9mm pocket auto...

    The Sig 938 I believe is having some problems, so you may want to avoid that one for the time being. The CZ is a good gun. The Beretta Nano is the one I carry myself, and adore it. I'm wearing it as I type this in a new Versacarry belt clip holster I got in this afternoon. I don't know that...