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    That Rarest of Creatures......

    ....the liberal left-winger who likes guns and the 2nd Amendment. Good interview. The Former Civil Rights Activist Who Created the Right to Bear Arms | VICE United States
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    Personal Freedom

    Freedom in the 50 States | Mercatus Interesting study that ranks the states based on various personal freedoms. Below the map on the above website is a link to get the PDF. It's a good read that profiles each state.
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    Finally Made "The Switch"

    After this year's election I finally did something I've been considering for about 20 yrs.....just a formality, really, because I had already done it in my mind a long time ago. I switched my party affiliation from Republican to Independent. I consider myself more of a conservative...
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    Bar Brawl While CCing

    I manage a bar a couple of nights a week and as an employee I'm allowed to carry under FL law, whereas patrons are not. The other night there was a brief brawl involving 5 or 6 guys. As usual on the rare occasion this sort of thing happens I jumped into the fray as a peacemaker, pulling...
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    Let Your Flag Fly

    For the last week or so I've been making it a point to wear some sort of firearm related clothing when I'm out in public. I have numerous hats and t-shirts with firearm logos on them (as well as a couple of NRA items)......I find my Springfield Armory "Fear No Evil" hat to be particularly...
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    EAA Witness .45

    Bought a lightly used EAA Witness .45 yesterday. Too good a deal to pass up since I'd been looking for one (or a used Baby Eagle, the EAA's cousin). It's a full-size steel frame model - a nice change from all the polymer stuff you see everywhere. I love the ergonomics and the fact that it's...
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    Our "Vulture-in-Chief" has used the tragedy in Aurora as an opportunity to garner votes in a swing state as well as for photo-ops. Sad and pathetic. Does he visit with the vistims/families of the frequent massacres that take place in his own hometown - the killbox known as Chicago??? I guess...
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    Went To The Gym Last Night.........

    .........and carried my pistol with me in my gym bag as I went through my workout. I would usually lock my piece in a locker because I have the annoying tendency to become a little too focused and leave my bag behind as I move to a different area of the gym. I never wanted to risk having...
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    Date With Law Enforcement

    I've got a strong feeling I'll be meeting with local LE and possibly ATF soon. 2.5 yrs ago I sold a co-worker (at the time) a pistol. This week that gentleman was arrested on drug and federal firearm charges. I know of 2 other people who sold him guns (a FFL and another private citizen) that...
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    Gun Show Tips

    Over the last 6 months I've worked quite a few gun shows for a dealer friend of mine. I've learned quite a bit being on the other side of the table and I thought I'd throw out some advice and tips to make your trip to a show more satisfying. 1. If you see it. If you're going to a...
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    Don't mail it!!!

    I've touched on this subject in other threads so I figured I'd give it its own thread: If you're a Florida resident and you're applying for a Florida CCW, do not mail your application. Find your nearest office here - Office Regions - Division of Licensing, FDACS, call and make an appointment...
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    A Question re: National Reciprocity Act

    A question for everyone, especially those who're eager to see the act become law: How do you think the "May Issue" states will react should this bill become law??? I'm not asking what you want them to do, I'm asking what you believe they will do. My question also assumes that SCOTUS upholds...
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    The Official "It's Obama's Fault" Thread

    I'll start it off - the guy is definitely responsible for this week's bad weather. No doubt about it. I'm pretty sure he's also responsible for my poor shooting at the range this week. I'll get back to you on that one......still researching it.
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    Will he carry 1 In the chamber NOW??

    These are some people who're very fortunate not to be laying by the side of the road, dead from gunshot wounds. Local road-rage incident down here. To make a long story short, the aggressor started pistol-whipping the driver. The passenger pulled his own pistol, aimed's what...
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    Would you tell a stranger if their CCd pistol was inadvertantly exposed, either through obvious printing or their shirt/coat wasn't covering it properly?? I believe I would and I'd want someone to do the same, discreetly of course. It happened to me the other day although it was a friend I...
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    It wasn't easy but over the last few days I've parted with 4 of my firearms <quivering lower lip>. They had become safe-queens and were collecting dust. I know some people that'll put them to better use than I would. Here's what I sold: - My Springfield M1A. This rifle deserved a better fate...
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    Phone Apps

    I've finally joined the modern world with respect to smart phones and recently upgraded to an Android-based device. I've put a few apps on it (sports, news, USA Carry, a couple of others) but I'm currently soliciting opinions on what everybody likes. So tell me.....what do you app users like??
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    Interesting "Stand Your Ground" Develpoment

    This one is going to be good and ties into what has been discussed on this forum numerous times. In Miami yesterday a legal gun-carrier shot and wounded a lone unarmed man who apparently began a physical confrontation with him. Several things to consider: 1. The shooter was with his family...
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    Silly State Governments!

    January 1st is just around the corner and this is the time when states like to enact new laws. 2 stand out as being utterly ridiculous. 1. California (oh the surprise!!) is going to require classes be taught in their schools that teach students the important contributions made by gays and...
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    5 Silly Gun Myths

    Found this article. Good stuff and funny too. 5 Ridiculous Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies) |