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  1. 3gunshooter

    OK Governor Fallin vetoes bill because gun rights are 'minor issue'

    The rest of the story. Link Removed
  2. 3gunshooter

    An open letter to 22lr buyers and seekers

    Link Removed As I was on my way to get my BMW serviced I seen a line at Academy at 8:15 in the morning. (Edmond OK) I stopped and asked a couple people what the line was for. As I figured when I seen the line, they were there to get 22 ammo. I went back later in the day and what they had was all...
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    Class A misdemeanor

    Check out these links. 18 Pa.C.S. § 6109: Licenses Link Removed
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    Starbucks' CEO makes a "respectful request that customers no longer bring firearms."

    I don't drink coffee no have I ever been in a Starbucks. I said a year ago that if people kept pushing something would happen. I don't care who OC or CC. when you go into a place carrying a rifle or a shot gun that is not normal.
  5. 3gunshooter

    Why people don't train.

    What's the reason people don't train? I know money is one of them. I know a lot of men that don't because of ego. What excuse have you heard?