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  1. Blueshell


    I don't live in South Dakota. I don't work in South Dakota. But my Drivers license is South Dakota because it's way to much work to transfer it AND my carry permits to the state I reside in. As a result, I can only buy handguns in a state I DO NOT reside in (South Dakota). I am legally...
  2. Blueshell

    The only real reason anyone carries concealed.

    Sorry, no, it's not "tactical advantage". That is an offensive purpose, not defensive purpose, and is thus illegal. Carrying conceald for the "tactical advantage" is illegal. End of of debate. The only *real* reason to carry concealed is to bypass unconstitutional (ie; illegal) laws. I was...
  3. Blueshell

    Stopped in South Dakota.

    Last week I was pulled over on I-90 around 23:00 for an "improper turn" as I merged onto the interstate from a gas stop. Gave papers, did not inform that I was armed. 10 minutes later I was let go with a warning. Nothing happened. No one died. There was no blood in the streets. Life went on.
  4. Blueshell

    ATF requires you to have a domicile?

    I went to Cabella's yesterday to trade a gun and put it towards a Sig p320. After arranging the trade, finishing form 4473, picking out a new holster and a couple hundred rounds of 9mm, all that was left was for a manager to double check the paperwork, swipe my debt card and I would be out the...