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    Glaser Safety Slug?

    I may have mis-read before that reply. You are correct in all of the above, no arguments from me there.
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    Told By Gun Store Employee Not To Carry Anything Bigger Than 9MM

    Wrong gunfight, that one was NYPD. Pete Solis was in a shoot-out stemming from a car stop, ended up shot several times by the suspect, with a Glock 22, and hit the bad guy over 20 times with 165gr Ranger-T from his G22. Not too long ago a copper in NOLA had to hit a suspect 9 times center mass...
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    First Handgun if you cannot acquire a .22

    I did notice he could have only one pistol, and very much noticed that he is a new shooter with very little experience, hence my advice to avoid a large caliber handgun until he had more experience. I am saying precisely that. No service caliber handgun has "stopping power". Handgun bullets...
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    Hollow Point Question

    LEOSA only allows concealed carry by retired and out of state officers, my understanding again is that it does not trump other laws that must be followed from state to state, with New Jersey being a particular issue. A couple of postings that outline the position of the folks running that...