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    SC restaurants that have posted no CWP allowed.

    Has anyone ran across any restaurants that have posted no CWP signs? So far the Roost Restaurant in Greenville has posted no guns allowed.
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    SC Constitution Carry

    King Larry and his court need a history lesson. I sent him a link to the following video. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//"...
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    Lee Bright for Senator

    Lee Bright is trying to unseat Lindsey Graham and take his seat in the Senate. He is the Senator that brought us S308 and S115. Will you throw your support behind Bright? I belong to a group that is going to assemble an army of grassroots supporters, and make this a national case and get the...
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    Governor Nikki got an awesome Beretta for Xmas.

    She got the Beretta PX4 Storm for Christmas. She posted a pic on her Facebook page.
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    Age to have a firearm in your car

    I know you have to be 21 to purchase a handgun, but what about carrying one in your car? My daughter is 18, can she legally keep a gun in her glove compartment? She knows how to handle a firearm and goes with me to the range.
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    Jared the Galleria of Jewelry has a no firearms policy

    Jared the Galleria of Jewelry has this posted on their front door:
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    What is an "NIL LASER"?

    What is an "NIL LASER" on a handgun? What exactly does this mean? Is that a brand name or type of laser like a red dot, green dot etc?
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    I need an IWB holster for a .380 with a laser sight.

    I LOVE the Crossbreed Super Tuck holsters, but I don't see where they make one that will hold a .380 with the laser sight. Can anyone recommend a good IWB holster?
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    Securing firearm in vehicle

    SC SECTION 16-23-20 says you can carry a gun in the console, glove compartment or trunk that needs to be closed. It does not need to be locked. A lockbox is not illegal in SC, as long as it isn't under the seat and is fastened to the car in some way. Link Removed
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    Is this a legal sign?

    Went to a mall in Columbia today and saw this sign on the door, is this a legal sign? Link Removed
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    EdVenture museum in Columbia

    Does anyone know if you can carry concealed at this place? A friend told me there was no gun buster sign, but letters on the door saying something to the effect "to keep our children safe, no concealed carry weapons allowed". Apparently there is no proper signage.
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    crossbreed holsters.

    It looks like MidwayUSA doesn't carry the CrossBreed holsters any more. I was looking through their clearance section to see if I could find one listed there and came across this one: Link Removed Does anyone have one of these? It says it is tuckable, and it looks very similar to the...
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    Restaurant carry in SC

    My father and brother are both on the list, along with their home address. This is one reason I do not use my home address for anything. My DL and CWP both have a UPS mailbox address.
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    CCW Incident (Input Please) Continued...

    Wow, those are some scary looking mugshots on that page!
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    Is a Veterinary office considered a "medical facility"?

    Can you carry into a veterinary office? I did not see any gun buster signs on the door.
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    Own a house in both NJ and SC, is transporting my gun legal?

    I own a house in both NJ and SC. I have a Firearms ID card from NJ, which allowed me to keep a firearm in my house. I have recently changed my residence from NJ to SC, which I am pretty sure makes my Firearms ID card invalid. However, I still own my house in NJ and my husband still lives there...