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  1. missoak


    Been wanting to get into a traditional rifle that would be good for some long range shooting. Decided to buy a RUGER AMERICAN RIM FIRE in 17HMR. Stainless model. I am putting together the accessories, some stuff coming from the family as Xmas gifts. Have been buying some plinkin ammo for it...
  2. missoak

    Mini shells

    What you guys know about the Aguila mini shells? Wondering about shooting them in a single shot 12 ga., like an H&R or NEF. A legally cut down one would be a neat little range toy, or maybe even a decent HD or truck gun. A coach gun comes to mind also.
  3. missoak

    Cva scout

    Most folks don't even realize CVA makes a great single shot center fire rifle . Just got this one in 44 mag. Put a Simmons 3-9x40 scope on it. Must say, it is a very accurate rifle. Have only sighted it in for 35 yards or so, but that is perfect for white tail deer here in S. MI. 44mag makes a...
  4. missoak

    Slide lock

    Friend has an older Charles Daly DDA 10, 40 cal pistol. Lately the slide has been locking open with a full mag. Had it to a smith & he filed the stop down a tad, but didn't help. I'm thinking the slide stop hold down spring is worn out. Any ideas?
  5. missoak

    New rock

    Picked up this like new Rock Island Armory 1911 tac. 1 OEM mag & 2 Wilson Combat 8 rounders. 200 rds. WWB, 20 rds. Hornady Critical Duty. G10 grips & an Allen nylon holster.
  6. missoak

    New pony in the stable

    Just picked up a new sweet looking Colt Mustang. Has the ION Bond finish.
  7. missoak

    Another set of twins

    Picked up another TRISTAR CZ clone today. This one in black. Hope it shoots as well as the stainless one. Finish is near perfect. Very nice guns for the $$$
  8. missoak

    New pistol

    Doubt I'll be using it to CC any time soon. But OC is legal in MI., so who knows. It's a PSA in 5.56 NATO
  9. missoak

    New to me S&W

    Picked up this little gem today. Nice little gun, is in very good condition. It's 45acp, but it is steel & pretty heavy for a compact. Will get it out next week & see how it goes.
  10. missoak

    Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday to the world's largest fraternity. OOHRAH !!!
  11. missoak

    CO2 Pistols

    Been wanting to get some sort of CO2 pellet pistol for backyard plinking. Any of you guys into this stuff? Been looking at them & some are real good looking. Problem is knowing what's good & what's bad. The reviews are confusing / misleading to say the least. Any info / suggestions would be...
  12. missoak

    Iwo jima

    Why 70-year-old Iwo Jima photo became iconic - SEMPER FI. Not many of those brave souls left.
  13. missoak

    4595 ts

    Been busy doing some mods to my 4595ts Hi-Point carbine. OD GREEN PAINT 45 DEGREE FLIP UP BUIS RED DOT SCOPE AFG FULL UPPER ALUMINUM RAIL DOULBLE MAG CARRIER HOGUE GRIP Want to get a barrel shroud & a better charging handle when funds allow. Painted the 45 JHP to match.
  14. missoak


    I will soon be the owner of a Rossi '92 in 357mag /38sp. What is the best kind of ammo to use in these levers?
  15. missoak

    239 years

    Happy Birthday USMC !!!!!
  16. missoak

    1911 bling

    Felt like doing something different to one of my 1911's ( REM R1). Swapped out some stock parts with some Wilson Combat stainless parts. I like the contrast. Comments?
  17. missoak

    P 238

    Friend just bought a Sig P 238. Nice little gun, but the holster leaves something to be desired. I have one also, but carry it in my front pocket. Anyone been able to find a different holster for this gun? She would prefer a paddle.
  18. missoak


    Picked up my new Citadel 1911 9mm pistol today. Pretty decent looking gun. The finish is iffy at best. Doubt it will hold up to much rigorous use. Went to the range BEFORE cleaning it. Results were as I would expect for a gun of this price. Had a few issues with FTF, not going into battery...
  19. missoak


    A friend of mine recently "inherited" a Marlin 30-30 from her Dad. She will NOT be hunting with it, just an occasional trip to the range. What kind of ammo should she get on the cheap? Not exactly a target gun. Just want to shoot holes in paper.
  20. missoak

    9mm mags

    Waiting for delivery of a Sig 9mm 1911. Anyone have any input for after market mags for this gun?