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    Nudist + CCw= how? :dance3:
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    Which would you carry?

    Gun A: Conceals easier Has larger capacity You're not as accurate with it. Gun B: Harder to conceal Feels better holding Has smaller capacity You're more accurate with it.
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    I still can't decide which I prefer

    I have two guns. I first purchased a Ruger LC9 and then a S&W M&P 40. Both guns are nearly identical in physical size but: 1. Ruger is much more comfortable to carry 2. M&P feels and shoots much better (trigger pull) 3. Ruger can carry 7+1 4. M&P can carry 6+1 Every morning I am posed with a...
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    Just ordered another Remora clipless holster. I have one for my Ruger LC9 and just ordered one for my latest - an M&P40 Shield. :yes4: I already have an Alien Gear and CrossBreed for them but like having options.
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    This is a "loaded question"

    This is not an IWB vs OWB argument as my question refers to BOTH in the state of Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, it is legal to carry OWB although it is "frowned upon" and suggested that you don't as you may scare somebody if you are printing or the butt is revealed while "menacingly reaching...
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    Is it legal? Why would MA allow it?

    With the way Massachusetts is in banning all sorts of guns, I have a comment and then a question regarding MA. I have an M&P .40 and one nice thing about it, although I haven't done it, is that I can buy a 9mm barrel and fire 9mm ammo since the magazine will hold it. And here's my question...
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    target question

    Let me preface my question by saying that I live in Massachusetts so even if the answer is "yes"'s probably illegal here. :angry: My son is 21 and is starting to realize that being an adult isn't everything it was cracked up to be. He is obviously frustrated tonight so I asked if he would...
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    Question for MA residents regarding PIN number

    I don't really know what the PIN number is for but nonetheless. As we know, in MA we cannot purchase a gun without the PIN number and of course I have misplaced it. I do have the number which to call to retrieve it but I would obviously have to wait until Monday. So I began to search around and...
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    Another shipping question

    I live in Massachusetts and have a friend outside of the state who wants to mail me a box of ammo. I know I cannot purchase ammo online but can it be sent as a gift? Can he legally send me the ammo? Could either of us potentially face legal matters?
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    USPS question

    Ruger sent me a new slide and I need to return the old one but I do not remember how they sent me the new slide (USPS or FedEx). I have the SASE and want to know if I can send the slide ONLY back to Ruger via USPS or do I need to use FedEx or UPS? Can I just throw it in my mailbox and lift the...
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    Terrorists welcome!!

    Do the terrorist attacks of 9-11 mean nothing? I assume providing “limited material support” means if you supplied the wiring for the bombs but didn't detonate it yourself, you're all set to come here while we support you and your future terrorist endeavors. This country/administration is so...
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    Hypothetical situation

    Being that I live in Massachusetts - MA compliant guns come with 10# triggers (or at least most of them do). Now suppose you used your gun in a legitimate self defense situation and were found innocent by the court of law but you had done a trigger job on your gun; could/would they find you...
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    Alien Gear

    I know everybody has been wondering what I am planning on using to carry my new M&P40 Shield so I am here to say I just ordered an Alien Gear holster. :sarcastic:
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    Uncle Mikes

    I purchased my M&P 40 Shield last week and until yesterday I had no ammo or anything else for it, so yesterday I stopped at my LGS to buy some ammo and also picked up an Uncle Mikes holster as I'd like to carry the M&P. What a POS that was! I never wore it out of the house and you couldn't pay...
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    Blazer ammo

    I've always bought my ammo at WalMart but being that I cannot find ammo (easily), I decided to "bite the bullet" and pay more at my LGS so I can shoot my new M&P 40 Shield t his weekend and much to my surprise, his prices rivaled or beat WalMart IMO. I ended up buying 2 (50ct) boxes of Blazer...
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    Lube /oil

    Is Hoppe's gun oil the same as lube or are they two different products?
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    Going shopping in about an hour!

    I've been saving my pennies and today is the day I buy my second handgun. I currently have a Ruger LC9 and will be buying a S&W M&P. I am still undecided whether to go with a .40 or 9mm although I am leaning towards .40 a tad more simply because if I do wish I had another 9mm, I can just change...
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    Director of DHS needs laser pointerat presentation so he draws his gun!

    Jerome M. Hauer, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's director of homeland security, took out his handgun and used the laser sighting device attached to the barrel as a pointer in a presentation to a foreign delegation, according to public officials. Ready ... aim ... point ... talk - Times Union
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    Can't we all coexist?

    Link Removed
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    My day at the range

    I went to the range to continue further testing my issue with the magazine dropping (all was well) when another shooter asked about my LC9 and how he liked them. We were chit chatting and since I was "off", I asked if he would like to shoot my gun (so I could see if my missing was the gun or me)...