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  1. GlassWolf

    Another court case involving our security company

    Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Short of it: Guy got denied entry to a club due to a fake ID, asked to leave, escorted to his vehicle. Guy tries to start a fight, gets pepper sprayed. Guy and his brother get in car and leave, then drive by and start shooting from the car. Guy hits...
  2. GlassWolf

    Some news on the shooting I've mentioned before

    So I've mentioned a shooting my security company was involved in a while back in some of my posts. I thought I'd post some news articles about it, as the case is finally over in court. The original shooting: Deputies Arrest Suspect in Mr. Lucky's | The results of the case: Jury finds...
  3. GlassWolf

    Guns & Ammo Magazine Supports Gun Control

    Guns & Ammo Supports Gun Control | The Truth About Guns Any thoughts on this doozy? Talk about someone with absolutely no understanding of the Bill of Rights.