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  1. momstar

    Anyone carry while pregnant and/or nursing?

    I didn't know a thigh or shoulder holster also needs a belt, so I'm glad you pointed that out! The Kholster looks a lot like my current fave qwikclip - you can wear it without a belt? Women's pants have tiny pockets, so I don't think pocket carry will work, even for the LC9. Some of my pants...
  2. momstar

    Anyone carry while pregnant and/or nursing?

    My belt will soon not fit, so I need some other options. I think I can make the bellyband last a while longer, but probably not the whole time. Afterward, even when the belt fits again I can't prop baby on top of gun for nursing (normally carry appendix IWB). It's coming to summertime, so not...
  3. momstar

    Children's Museum of Indianapolis

    I will be traveling from MI next week, researching the reciprocity & specifics, but can't find anything about this museum. I assume that means concealed carry is fine, but would like to hear if any of you know different. Their website doesn't mention it at all. I hate being surprised by a...
  4. momstar

    Holster in a car

    We're headed to a waterpark on the way to a few days vacation. I need to leave a hybrid holster in the car all day (can't leave it at home because I'll want it the next few days after that and we're not going to the hotel until after the park). But kydex doesn't do well in a hot car, right...