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    GunBusters? No Guns? Drop Them a Card.

    Honestly, a "gun buster" sign carries no legal weight, in Ky. IF the proprietor discovers you are carrying, even IF he has a sign displayed, all he can do is ask you to leave, you have not committed a crime....unless you refuse to leave, then you're trespassing. However; carrying concealed is...
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    Are you guys asleep in Kentucky

    Please!! This "report", is LIES!! No such law was, nor would ever BE passed, in our great state!! That particular website is the online equivalent of the National Inquirer tabloid. The "reports" are fictitious, to illicit responses. Check out some of the other "reports"!! Like the one that...
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    With a permit, can the managers/owner carry a concealed firearm?

    Yes, that particular sign IS outdated. I suggest you remove it. Because of the recent changes in Tennessee's firearms laws, it is legal to carry in a bar, BUT one still cannot drink, while carrying! Businesses that prohibit carrying must post a recent copy of the law, which states that the...