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    Scared myself with slipped gun hold while draw practice; what should I do now?

    Quick summary of my situation before my issue. CHL going on 2 years. I have gone to .22 Colt Goldcup for marksmanship practice due to cost of bullets. Typically 15-20 minute sessions on home range avg probably 2 times a week. 50-100 rounds. Try to also practice draw from my OWB holster with...
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    Beware new startup

    They are a new startup that put up a website November 2013. Although the prez sounds like a good fellow, he cannot seem to train his customer service or IT people to do right. Their site did not work properly on Google Chrome for me (would not let me register). At least one of their customer...
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    .22 rimfire vs centerfire bullet?

    OK, I should be able to answer this myself, and google should make it a no brainer, but..... I have lots of .22 long rifle bullets from years of old .22 rifles in the family. We inherited .22 SA nice .22 revolver. We have used our .22L (rimfire?) rife bullets in this .22 old .22 (centerfire?)...