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    Question about home carry/defense and alcohol

    Just wondering: Do all of you lock up your gun if you are carrying around the house and decide you want a beer (or glass of wine, or whatever)? I have been.... I generally carry around the house. But if I want a beer I'll go lock it up. Got me to wondering...what if some jerk picked the...
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    Hotel, Convention Center

    I am going to Lexington Wednesday, and admittedly did not think to research KY carry laws until a couple of days ago. Was just going along, like an ignorant goob, and now I am coming up short on info. :redface: Does KY allow carry in hotels? I don't see them listed on the prohibited carry...
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    Politically incorrect city.

    What about this? Link Removed This country is off the rails. Heck, I'm still flabbergasted by the whole "Merry Christmas" thing. I'm Christian, and if someone wished me a Happy Hanukkah or blessed (insert other religion's holiday here) I'd say "Thank you!" instead of flipping out or getting...
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    Butler County CCW turnaround

    Butler County, Ohio, that is. I called for my appointment to apply for my CCW and it was scheduled several months (can't remember exactly, but it was like 5 months) out, July 8. Applied then and today, July 10, I get a call from the Sherriff's office that it is ready for pickup! I was...
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    Can't find answer to this either: +p 380 auto

    I can't figure this out. I need a "gun sensei" to teach me some stuff. I'm looking for ammo on line for my sig p238. I see a place that has 100gr tmj, good price. Marked as new, not reloads. Since most of what I've seen is 90grains(have also seen 85 and 95), not sure what constitutes +p...
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    stupid noob question about remanufactured ammo

    I tried a couple of searches, but didn't find the answer I was looking for. Would any of you purchase remanufactured ammo online? I see where surplus ammo and arms is selling remanufactured 380 auto for $239.99/500 rounds. My problem is whether to trust it. I don't want to do something that...
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    Making my own list

    No gun buster signs: Wal Mart Meijer Target Garden Ridge (cincinnati) Michaels Lowe's Home Depot Half Price Books I live in West Chester, OH. Most of these are in West Chester, but some are in neighboring communities, like the Garden Ridge and Half Price Books. Until I get my CCW I'm making...
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    Morris Home Furnishings, Ashley Furniture

    "No weapons" sign on the door to both. Cincinnati, OH