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    DA/SA pistol: safety on or off

    While I was in college back in 1991, I got my first CCW permit and was carrying my only firearm at that time- a Smith and Wesson 4006. At the time, 2 of the three local PD's also carried the 4006 (County Sheriff's Department and the University PD). I knew some of the Sheriff's deputies (when...
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    faster IS better. Why are so many so slow?

    Link Removed Then maybe he will go away.
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    .45 ACP or .357 Magnum Small Carry Guns

    Link Removed You might want to check the link. Those super light and super fast loads don't work out as well as you think.
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    Home Defense Shotgun

    Franchi shotguns are a bit strange when it comes to after market accessories. Check with the folks over at the Franchi Forum at Bennelli USA at Link Removed. I remember seeing some questions asked over there about tricking out Franchi shotguns for self defense use but don't remember the details.
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    Home Defense Shotgun

    Or for about $60 more you could just order a Scattergun Technologies Standard Model Link Removed ($1325 base price) from Wilson Combat that will have most of the tricking out already done to it.
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    CCW banner

    I think it's the dumbest idea I've seen in a long time. Sounds to me like Ron Popiel has branched out into the self defense market.:bad::bad::bad: On the other hand, it ought to be worth at least 10 points on the Mall Ninja Aptitude test. :sarcastic::sarcastic:. Link...
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    1935A French SACM

    7.65 MAS, as it is also known is a seriously oddball and rare round in the US. From what I've gathered, it really never was a big seller in the civilian market even in Europe. The ammo is harder than hen's teeth to find over here and there's not any reloading info readily available for it...
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    what Taurus model is the same as the s and w model 10

    Looks like the Model 82 is gonna be as close to the Smith Model 10 as you can get from Taurus. Link Removed It's a medium frame, 4 inch barrel .38 Special but has what looks like a full underlug (every Model 10 I ever saw had either a tapered barrel or a heavy round one) . It's also...
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    One in the Chamber?

    ClearSightTactical, While Bob Munden's skill at fast draw is undoubtedly impressive, a better example of fast shooting of a Single Action Army would be CAS shooters using a 2 hand hold and cocking the gun with their support hand's thumb. Fanning like Mr Munden was doing in your video requires...
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    Who knows that you carry?

    Carry what???:biggrin::secret:
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    List Of Alabama Gun Ranges

    Link Removed East Alabama Gun Club outside Phenix City, AL.
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    Relocating to Alabama

    Forget the whole 'May Issue' thing. Alabama just doesn't have a state wide law about concealed carry permits. It is left up to the county sheriffs to decide the actual requirements. If you look, the NRA and the Brady bunch both like AL 's concealed carry law. The Brady bunch likes it because...
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    Need Reloading Advice for .45 Colt

    Go here. Link Removed It lists bullet weights from 160gr to 300gr on the standard pressure .45 Colt page with about a dozen different powders. There's a separate page for the hot rod "Ruger Only" hunting stuff. Just keep those out of Colts or Colt clones because they are NOT designed to...
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    Smith and wesson bodyguard

    Well, that changes EVERYTHING. Then my answer is, no, I haven't shot one. WARNING!!!! :stop: RANT MODE FULLY ENGAGED!!!!! :angry: What? Can't Smith come up with new names for new guns???? First the M&P stops meaning a K frame 38 with a 4 or 5 inch barrel and fixed sights like it's...
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    Looking for advice on knife selection

    6, I picked up a couple Ka-Bar Hobo's ( Link Removed ) as a replacement for the old Boy Scout knife you were talking about. One stays in my hunting coat and the other stays in the truck. I like it better than the Boy Scout knife because the spoon, knife and fork can be separated and used at...
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    Best Personal Defense Load?

    You can keep with trusting the 'brand name' with your life all you want. Me, I'm going to actually TEST defense loads in my particular guns and use the one that shoots with the best accuracy with no failures to feed or eject. As for research, it depends on what you are looking for. I'm...
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    .44 Mag vs .357 Mag (knockdown power)

    :fie: A 125gr bullet traveling @ 1450fps (Speer 125gr Gold Dot based on the listed velocity on the Speer site) is superior to a 240gr bullet traveling @ 1400fps (Speer 240gr Gold Dot hunting load velocity from the same site)?:fie: Almost twice the bullet weight traveling at approximately the...
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    "Accident" or "Gross Negligence"?????

    If the gun broke or failed to work as intended, it's an accident. If the gun worked as it was meant to, it's negligence. It sounds harsh but it's the truth. Guns don't decide when to work. They just work when humans decide to make them to. I won't pick up a gun without verifying its'...