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    I have a reciprocity agreement question. The way I understand it any state that has an agreement to honor your states concealed carry permit allows you to legally carry concealed as long as you comply with any of the local state laws. I live in New Hampshire and have a permit. I am an immigrant...
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    Out of state gun transfer

    Hi, Can anyone help me get my head around the gun transfer law here in NH? My Father in law has given me a marlin rifle and a 1911 pistol from his collection. He lives in Oklahoma. Am I right in thinking that he has to send them to an FFL here in NH so that I can pick them up? I find it...
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    Non US Citizen in NH

    I have been a permanent legal resident of New Hampshire for the last two years. I am a citizen of the UK living here on a ‘Green Card’. I have shot for many years in competition and have a full class 1 firearm permit for the UK. It was very hard to get as gun legislation in the UK is completely...