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    IWB Holster?

    I really like this Holsters that you can adjust it to fit various gun sizes and it's ambidexterous configuration is great. Link Removed is made and built with top-quality ingredients to offer you the comfort and ease you need when carrying your firearm.
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    What is Your Favorite Open Carry Holster?

    I love Link Removed and determined to go lesser.but I don't even feel like I'm wearing it most of the time.It's comfortable while I'm driving, and comfortable even laying down.
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    Thank you! So far only maintained it for about an hour and it was pretty relaxed. Couldn't even tell I was dressed in anything while I was sitting down. My greatest thing right now is I require a good gun belt. I use a fairly stiff nylon belt but it still sags. I also found out that this holster...
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    'Belly Band' holster

    I have Glock 19. I have two holsters I.e Defender Link Removed and Blackhawk SERPA G19 OWB holster. The best thing about belly band that it has many pockets. You can other pockets for lighter, knife etc. Both the holster is comfortable, you can try any of these holsters.