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  1. bikridr

    Is a .380 an effective caliber for self defense?

    Link Removed For this man on this day it was effective.
  2. bikridr

    Moving to ND and want to bring my Pistol. Help Please.

    Link Removed North Dakota is not anything like New York.
  3. bikridr

    Philadelphia Student Shoots Armed Robber

    Philadelphia Student Carrying Legal Firearm Shoots It Out With Armed Robber | A CCW permit holder saved his life by being armed? I thought the media said this was suppose to be impossible.
  4. bikridr

    +p ammo less velocity

    How do some +p loads have less velocity and energy than standard loads?if my gun is rated for 1250 fps does it matter if it is +p or not as long as it is below 1250 fps? New 9mm