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  1. Blueshell

    Five Fast Gun Reforms President Trump Will Sign Into Law

    Link Removed The search is full of supporting articles. The Newsweek link allone gives survay and atf cits.
  2. Blueshell

    Dem Strategist Blames Hillary’s Wisconsin Loss on Voter ID Laws

    Hmm, voter ID laws keep democrats out of office. I don't see the down side. Until Democrats do the right thing and kill themselves we're going to need ID laws.
  3. Blueshell

    Do you still conceal carry into posted "No Carry" businesses?

    If you want to strict about it then since the no-gun policy itself is not a law... But we weren't having a legal discussion for the legal definition to then apply. Nice try, though.
  4. Blueshell

    Nationwide Reciprocity

    No one's going to sacrifice their 401K for your gun rights.
  5. Blueshell

    Nationwide Reciprocity

    If you never leave your state while armed then non of this applies to you.
  6. Blueshell

    Nationwide Reciprocity

    Week minds, yes, but some of us have year minds or decade minds who play the long game and see this as a step in the right direction :)
  7. Blueshell

    Nationwide Reciprocity

    Of you have a carry permit then you've sold out.
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    On Day of Second Presidential Debate, The Second Amendment Is the Biggest Issue

    All laws regarding firearms are unconstitutional.
  9. Blueshell

    Deciding between Ruger LC9s, Ruger SC40 or Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact for conceal

    Just for conversation I went and located the Ruger LC9 on $330, free 2-day shipping. FFL transfer fees in my area run $25-$35. Link Removed Anyway, practice often, carry always :) I look forward to your range report.
  10. Blueshell

    Poll about campus carry

    I carried against policy while in college. I recommend everyone else do likewise.
  11. Blueshell

    Do you still conceal carry into posted "No Carry" businesses?

    Link Removed By your logic all birds must be "playing" since no bird that was worried about it's saftey would perch in a tree lest the branch brake. --I bet you have a car eventhough they kill far more people than guns. --I bet you see a doctor eventhough medical mistakes cause more deaths...
  12. Blueshell

    Defensive sold to Canadian conglomerate

    The notion of garage sale permits is new to me. In my 4 decades on this earth I've had my share of yard sales yet your post is the first I'm hearing of permits. Link Removed Well, good to know going forward, I guess. Sent from my A462C using Tapatalk
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    What constitutes open carry vs. concealed?

    The regards the weapon. OP is asking about style of carry.
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    The only real reason anyone carries concealed.

    I accept that this is how you choose to see it. You are entitled to your opinion. Yes. I accept that I will likely be charged with criminal trespassing if 'made'. I accept that consequence. I do not run from it, I accept it. Link Removed I am not your property. I reject your attempt to...
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    Waterproof bag for M&P Sheild

    Link Removed
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    Reporter's attempt to expose background checks backfires.

    Playing devil's advocate here: Most deaths-by-gun are suicides: Suicides account for most gun deaths | Pew Research Center So when he says you're more likely to shoot yourself than shoot a criminal, that's an accurate statement. Also, his claim that more preschoolers than police are killed by...
  17. Blueshell

    The only real reason anyone carries concealed.

    If I form a verbal contract, spoken in front of witnesses with a handshake, or sign a written contract, like a club membership, then I've made such an agreement. Merely walking through the door forms no such agreement. Having no contract with you, I haven't broken my word. I remain true to my...
  18. Blueshell

    The only real reason anyone carries concealed.

    In case you didn't know, your sock account was deactivated.