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  1. Beau

    Background checks (poll)

    Should there be background checks? Please vote and share. Poll - Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
  2. Beau

    Do you support universal background checks?

    All the major left leaning news organizations are coming out with poll results that portray an overwhelming support of background checks in the firearms community. I just can't believe that their results are accurate. So what say you USA Carry?
  3. Beau

    I was taken on a fishing trip by Illnois trooper.

    So I had to take a trip over to Indiana last week. On the way home I was stopped in Illinois. Now I hadn't seen a single officer the whole way through until about mile marker 15. Then they were everywhere. I checked my speed as I tend to set the cruise a few miles over the speed limit. I think...
  4. Beau

    OC' er stops robbery just by being visibly armed.

    What???????? This can't be possible. We all know that robbers would just shoot the OC' er, take his gun and rob the store with it. OC may have prevented a crime/LEO encounter.
  5. Beau

    How do you feel/react to "No Guns" signs?

    Poll is coming. I type slow. Poll is private and multiple choice. This seems to be a hot issue. The lines have been drawn. Make your stand!!!!! lol
  6. Beau

    Asked to leave Kohl's for OC.

    Well it finally happened. After years of OC with no negative interactions I was asked to disarm and told not to carry in their store. Location: Havana and Mississippi in Aurora. Time: Approximately 1500 Place: Kohl's Today I went into Kohl's to exchange a couple online purchases. I walked to...
  7. Beau

    You bought the wrong SHTF Gun!!

    Unfortunately I didn't write this. After some years now of reading internet bulletin boards, I think I've got the pros and cons of possible SHTF rifle choices figured out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the following is my analysis based upon the wisdom of numerous gun board gurus(you know them...
  8. Beau

    What style concealed carry have you tried and what do you like most?

    What styles of carry have you tried? What do you like most and why? I currently carry on strong side @ 9 o'clock. I have been thinking about switching to cross draw at 1 0'clock.
  9. Beau

    Any uspsa shooters here?

    If so, what is your favorite place to shoot a match? I'm planning on shooting one at Aurora Gun Club on the 2nd. I've never been there before. Anyone have any dealings with them?