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    Full Size Beretta Px4 Storm, 9mm

    There have been several posts over time where people ask what a good gun for a woman is. And there are dozens of fantastic responses. Of course the individual seeking the firearm has to try as many as possible to figure this out. I wanted to add my two cents because I hadn't seen it as a...
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    Thinking about switching to a revolver

    My current EDC is a Ruger LC9 and I love it. However, the arthritis in my shooting hand thumb is getting pretty bad such that I'm developing quite a knob at the base of the thumb. That, coupled with very small hands, I've been noticing that I'm having more trouble reaching the trigger without...
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    Women's Self Defense Books?

    Link Removed This is another good book. It's by Paxton Quigley.
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    This is Happening This Week- The End of the Constitution

    Here's a link to the text of the bill. I scanned through it and did searches on it and can't find any language that suggests what the OP mentioned. Can someone help me here? By the way, I searched for the text of this bill on the friggin senate website and couldn't find it! Either I'm...
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    Zombies!?!? Really CDC?

    I found your post intriguing given that husband and I just recently started watching Walking Dead and we love it. Here's a link to the CDC's book info: Link Removed I'm thinking the CDC is just using our culture's love of Zombies as a way to discuss emergency preparedness. And as for the ammo...
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    What does OP mean?

    When people respond to posts, I see the term OP used. Does that mean Original Poster, or Other Person? Just curious. It didn't take me long to figure out BG meant bad guy, and I had to ask my husband what EDC meant (everyday carry) but having trouble with OP. Sorry to be so dense.
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    Holster Position references

    I'm new to cc and I'm not quite sure what people mean when they say they carry in the 1 o'clock position, or the 4:30 position. Is that the angle of the gun in the holster or the placement of the holster on your body? I think I have decided it must be the latter. If it is the latter, is one's...
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    What gun is best for a girl?

    I agree about the LC9. My husband originally bought it as a pocket gun for himself, but after I shot it at the range a few times and carried it around the house awhile, he suggested I keep it. I didn't say no.