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At this moment, there was a smile on her face that was hard to perceive, and she handed three cloth bags, one white, one red and one yellow, to Gong Qiu. "What is that?" She shouted in a harsh voice. Gong Qiu instinctively pressed his right palm vigorously and was about to wave it out. When he heard the voice,push back racking system, he withdrew his strength and saw that Wan Feng really put a blood-red bean-like thing into his mouth. He suddenly remembered that it was "blood cardamom" which was regarded as a rare treasure in Wulin. He remembered that he first met Feng Zhen two years ago. She had used "blood cardamom" to stabilize the poison wounds of her brother "Xu Ling, a hot-handed scholar", and then calmly went to Xingziyan to seek "poison pills" from the "black-hearted national hand". Once upon a time, her brother "hot-handed scholar" was persecuted by the "Golden Sword Alliance" and died. Xing Yujiao, once suspected of being a vicious lover, also died for love. The world is changeable. It is really lamentable. In the mind,Teardrop Pallet Racking, listen to only "divine calculate ghost female" drink to ask again: "What thing is that? Gong Qiu blurted out, "Blood cardamom!" "Blood cardamom?" "Not bad!" At that moment, he slanted his head and glanced at his sweetheart. Seeing that she seemed to be resting with her eyes closed, he turned around and said, "Yes, warehousing storage solutions ,heavy duty metal racks, the daughter of the head of the'Qimen Sect '!" "Wan Laoxie is over seventy years old. Will he have such a beautiful little daughter?" Gong Qiu only intoned, but did not answer. God calculate ghost female "face steep show terror kill machine, mercilessly staring at the couch of Wan Fengzhen, it seems to be about to make a move.". I only heard that more than twenty years ago, she went to Baishi Island to seek revenge. She was trapped by a strange array and almost lost her life. There was no follow-up. I didn't expect to meet her in this wild forest Jedi!" "Why did you agree to her January appointment?" "Words are hard to change!" "But she wants to learn the art of Qimen from you, but her purpose is to enter Baishi Island and seek revenge from Huizun." "I'm not afraid of that. I haven't learned a tenth of what my father has learned. What can I do if I teach her all of it?" "Sister Zhen, she must have been a beauty when she was young," said Gong Qiu. "Look at the lower part of her face to prove it. As for the white hair in her hair and the wrinkles on her forehead, I think it was caused by a long time of hard thinking and anxiety." "*** her!" "It seems that she is a sad person with a unique embrace." "Maybe!" "With all due respect, will she have any emotional disputes with your father in the past year?" Wan Fengzhen's body seemed to shake. "Forget it," she said. "We won't talk about that. I don't know what's hidden in her three cloth bags. Let's open them first and have a look, shall we?" "Let's go to the field and have a look," said Gong Qiu thoughtfully. "If she's up to no good." "No!" "Why?" "When she took out the cloth bag, she didn't know your life experience. Besides,heavy duty cantilever racks, you've suffered an incurable wound. If you want to harm you, you can ignore it. Why bother?" As soon as Wan Fengzhen thought about it, he kept silent. jracking.com
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