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    S&W Model 360 Review

    This is my review of the S&W model 360 in 357 Magnum. Please subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks YouTube - Smith & Wesson S&W M&P 360 in 357 Magnum Hormady Critical Defense Galco Super Tuck Holster Review
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    Concealed Carry Video Part 1

    Please watch my Concealed Carry Video Part 1. Feedback welcome. Please subscribe to my youtube channel FirearmPop for more exciting video's. Thanks, Vinnie YouTube - Concealed Carry for Personal Defense Part 1 Gun Concealment
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    What Do You Carry?

    My carry for walking in the woods. Bondarms Snakeslayer 45 long Colt or 410 shot shells great for pest control 4 or 2 legged. Link Removed and for Hunting a S&W 629-1 44 magnum with a 6"barrel Link Removed
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    Taurus Brand

    Pt1911ar I have a PT1911AR and love it. 200 rounds thru her and she has performed flawlessly. Link Removed YouTube - Taurus 1911 YouTube - My Taurus PT1911AR
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    What Do You Carry?

    Smith & Wesson 637 I carry a Smith & Wesson 637/CT laser grip 2" Snubby IWB or pocket carry. Link Removed