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    My first Kimber

    I have two of those. I got them several years ago, when they still came with bobbed hammers. I paid Kimber to put Commander-style hammers on both of them, and others must have, too, because it looks like they come with them, now. :) Link Removed I just bought a set of Crimson Trace...
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    A request

    OK, the design submission phase has ended, with over 800 designs submitted. The voting phase will end Saturday, April 9th. NAMCO-Bandai says that the Top 10 voted designs will be submitted to the development team for a decision as to which design(s) get included in the upcoming game, to be...
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    A request

    Hi, Everyone! I have a favor to ask. I have entered a design for an aircraft paint scheme for my favorite videogame series, Ace Combat’s upcoming new title, Assault Horizon. According to the advertising, the winner will get his (or her) design...
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    What's The Most Popular Concealed Carry Handgun on USA Carry

    I'd have to say the Kimber Ultra Aegis II, in 9mm. Like my avatar (and the pic below) shows, I have two of them, and it is my everyday carry weapon, in a sharkskin belt slide holster by IHL Holsters, Inc. Link Removed
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    2010 NRA-PVF General Election Grades and Endorsements

    Thank you kindly, sir. :)
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    How often do you carry?

    As I have become partially disabled since I got my CCW, I don't go out much, but I always carry. My company (which is placarded) let's me work from home, now, so I'm typing this in my big robe, with a ready-to-rock Seecamp .380 in one robe pocket, 2 mags in a nylon holster in the other and...
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    2010? Not again!

    As a result of a discussion in Gun, the following is submitted for your use. It is meant to engender a rallying cry for the elections coming up next year, when we must, once again, take back our legislative branch from those who would use it to pass anti-firearms legislation. Just...
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    Canadian teen can teach Americans a thing or two

    Check out this Canadian girl's pro gun videos YouTube - kateysfirearmsfacts's Channel OK, that's the meat of the topic. Now, I'm gonna tell you why you should do this. Why should you pay attention to this girl? She's a Canadian, what could she know about firearms rights? Canada banned...