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    M1A scope options

    I know this is probably not the best place to post this but I figured many of us are avid shooters in more than just pistols. So I have a M1A with an extended cluster rail from springfield which uses the one from vltor. It is a 22" barrel and I am looking to put a scope on it my price range is...
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    Can we carry in all states now if we have a Concealed Carry permit

    I think I may be late but I thought I remembered back some time that there was a law that would allow people to carry concealed in any state as long as they have a concealed carry permit
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    ATI compact 1911

    I went to the range the other day then once I was done I decided to take a look at the firearms they had in the shop. I was looking at the 1911 compacts and being that I have a full size Rock Island 1911 I was looking into the compact editions by them. The clerk then showed me the ATI 1911 which...
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    crossbreed supertuck

    Just got my crossbreed supertuck and by far the best holster I have ever owned. So I was wondering what is you guy's favorite holster and/or way of carry