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    best scope for a Redhawk

    wanted to get some opinions on what type of scope I should put on my redhawk. I want to be able to hunt deer with the gun anybody have any suggestions?
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    hows this for some B.S.

    i'm not one to complain, but heres something i need to get off my chest. last thursday I got my tax return, so I went to my favorite gun dealer and bought a New Redhawk 44mag, i've been wanting the gun for a while and since i had the money...what the hell. so here in the great state of NY...
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    Ticket In Broome County

    how long on average does it take to get your ticket in broome county once you have the new gun put onto your permit?
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    Hunting Pistol taurus

    Ok guys i need some advice, i'm getting my tax return here soon enough and i'm gonna buy a 44mag to shoot deer with next season. i've been looking at the taurus 444 raging bull with a 8 3/8 barrel, do any of you own one or have any comments about taurus guns. i'm pretty open. Andy charter...
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    broome NY pistol permit

    so, i went and applied for my pistol permit last friday the 10th, now i'm playing the waiting game, does anyone on the forum have any idea how long it might take me to hear back about the permit. i'm a broome county NY resident
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    pistol permit in upstate NY

    I'm looking at getting my pistol permit in broome county new york, i've heard that it is nearly impossible to get a carry conceal permit in my county. so if i were to go through with the paper work and fingerprinting, and only obtain a target permit. would i be able to carry the pistol unloaded...