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    Slow day for TSA

    Traveling from Jackson, MS back to Chicago. Declare my firearm and TSA says good to go after the screening of the case that the firearm is in. I'm the only person going thru the checkpoint and get selected for additional screening. They swab my hands and then let me go on my way. One lesson...
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    Looking for luggage for secure flying with a gun.

    Traveled from Chicago to Jackson, MS on United. Used my Pelican case w/o any problems. Used two Master locksLink Removed
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    Range Bag Advice

    I'm looking for suggestions for a range bag. I usually go to the range with 3 pistols, 150 rounds of ammo and 3 sets of earmuffs and eye protection.
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    Quick access safe that can attach to the wall behind my bed?

    I use a V-Line. It has a manual keypad. Link Removed
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    Looking for luggage for secure flying with a gun.

    I travel with a Pelican case. Several good options at Fry's Electronics. Link RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink Removed
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    Lost my dog today

    Sorry. I know that this is not a pet forum but I have sense that many firearm owners are also dog owners. Anyway, my miniature dachshund, Bob Dog passed away this morning. He gave my family 14 years of joy. I just never thought that it would be this hard. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FBI Visiting Gun Shops...People Talking About Big Gov

    Is this story accurate? Link Removed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk