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  • Friends, absolutely! Career navy, 1962 --1984. Sonar tech and Ocean Sysems by trade. They haven't made a gun that I do not like, I just cannot afford them all. Presently, I am toting a Taurus 357 mag and on odd days I employ a Makorov (Bulgarian). After the Navy I worked for the US Gov in Indian Health Services-a branch of DHHS. Presently, I am retired and enjoying the good life with minimum dollars.
    Welcome to Veterans and Guns. I couldn't find a reference to what branch of service you served in under your statistics, but accepted you anyway. Some of the members of Vets and Guns go strait for a new members 'stats' to see if you served when they did and with whom. It may help if you input a few words into your stats about being a Veteran of ...? Not telling you what to do, but I have to answer to the 42 other members of that group & if I don't have a point of reference, or I end up with non-Vets as members who really have little experience in our Armed Forces. That why I moderate that social group.
    You are in my friends list, pop-some smoke and show your colors to the group!

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