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  • I am going to pay what it takes. What is important to me is that I buy the right one. I can see by the pictures of the people you hang out with and your weapons, you know your weapons. That is why I asked. So while I am asking if you were going build one. Would you go the same route as this MK18 or should I consider something else? Basically, is this the best way to go in your opinion or is there a better weapon. You know that dream weapon that you want.
    I know that is asking a lot and to make it that easy for me would be great. I am looking for the weapon that says to them who know weapons, dang this guy know how to build a gun. But in all reality he don't know squat. But like all things that I do, I have to do the best and it will only be a very short period of time before I do know it as well as the best. I just hate buying the wrong stuff the first time and having to do it again.
    Thanks again it has been great talking to you
    Also, the Mk18 CQBR's that I've seen when working with some of the SEAL Teams have the Surefire Scout light on the stong side of the weapon. It's a great light and does have the ability to use a remote pressure pad on your vertical foregrip.

    I payed about $400 for mine but I do swicth it out to other rifles that have 1913 rai systems. As you can see, any replication of a specific military rifle can cost an arm and a leg. Take your time and examine all options that would do the same job as the Mk18 but may cost less if your on a tight budget.

    Good Luck !!!
    The original Mk18 is an LMT 10.5" upper with a Knights RAS rail system. The lower is marked "Crane" but any lower that is Mil Spec with a single stage trigger will do just fine to replicate the weapon system. The stock is the LMT SOPMOD and the Aimpoint is mounted on a Wilcox mount with an LMT rear A2 back up iron sight. I would say that a full clone of this weapon is most likely going to run over $1,000 especially with the Aimpoint CompM2 or other Aimpoint Comp red dot sight.

    Personally I would look at BCM uppers and any Mil Spec lower. Add in your rail system and the LMT stock and the LMT A2 back up iron and a Knights or Tango Down foregrip and you'll have basically the same rifle configuration. Just get an upper that is a 1:7 twist rate and flat top. Take a look at some of the pics of the Mk18 on Wiki and other sources and you see the parts and then do cost comparison to other similar parts and accessories. Good Luck. !!!
    Thanks for all the info.

    If you get time and want to answer, how much would it cost for me to replicate that weapon. (roughly)
    Thanks Bro' The Mk18 is a clone of the SEALs Mk18 with some minor differences from their issued weapon. They use a Knights RAS rail and mine is the LaRue Tactical 7" rail. They also use a Wilcox Aimpoint mount for the Aimpoint CompM2.

    As for the Les Baer rifle, I inherited that from a close friend passed away. I only changed out the fixed A2 stock to the Mil Spec extension with the Vltor EMOD stock. I also removed the standard grip and installed the Mag Pul MIAD grip. It has the Aimpoint CompM3 red dot with the Aimpoint 3x Magnifier both on Larue mounts. The magnifier mount is the "pivot" mount. The Harris Bi Pod is also mounted using a Larue Bi Pod quick detach mount. The light is a Surefire G2 LED on an inexpensive Viking Tactics mount. It's one hell of nice rifle and shoot .5 MOA @ 100 meters with Les's stainless match barrel and bench cut rifling.

    Thanks again for the comments.
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