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    Experience with moving...?

    Hoping someone on here may know the answer to my question. I was a resident of Massachusetts and had a valid non-res CCW for Florida. I recently got out of the Marine Corps and moved to North Carolina so changed my residency. Is there a process in place where I can pay some sort of transfer...
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    Ordered myself a holster

    Well it arrived today. =) Pics attached. Link Removed Link Removed
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    High Cap magazines

    Am I correct in understanding anything I come into the state with is fine as far as magazines are concerned?
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    Reciprocity and Purchasing?

    Does anyone know if you are in a state which you hold a reciprical LTC for can you make a purchase in the same manner as someone holding a LTC for that actual state? An example would be NC requires a non LTC holder to apply for a permit to purchase for every firearm they want to get. Since the...
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    Ordered myself a holster

    After reading nothing but good things about K&D Holsters I ordered the Dakota Defender for my G23. K&D Holsters | Custom Gun Leather and Shooting Accessories Everyone says the wait is well worth it so I'm really looking forward to being on the receiving end....when ever that may be. Any of...
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    Non Resident Permits and moving

    Quick question on non resident permits... If you are a resident of one state let's say NC and get a non resident permit for let's say FL but shortly after you move to another the non resident permit still valid or does it hinge on you being a resident of where ever you applied for it...
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    Where is everyone from?

    I figure since this portion of the forum is lacking in activity we might see what city or town folks are located in. I'm from Auburn, but stationed in NC at the moment.
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    Taking the Florida CCW class next week

    Wife and I are taking it together which should be fun. My wife is going to apply for the resident CCW and mine will be an non-resident. What are the fee's associated with the application? I've taken a fire-arms course before for my MA license which was much more extensive than the 3 hour...
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    Glocks in MA

    Is it true that I can purchase a new Glock or H&K handgun from someone out of state through a private sale legally? I'm assuming this all depends on finding an FFL dealer willing to make the exchange?
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    Permits to Purchase

    Aside from the permit to purchase, what else would I need to purchase a hand gun through a private sale from another military member in NC? Does it even matter where the gun comes from? Situation: Myself and a guy I serve with in the military are both stationed in NC. I have a MA driver's...
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    Slight Dilema

    A little background on what I am trying to accomplish… I’m a Massachusetts resident where the particular hand gun I want to purchase is not sold (Glock or H&K). I was told that being active duty military and stationed out of state I can make the purchase and bring it back into MA legally. My...