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  • I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner to your message. I don't really ever expect to get messages and personal replies so I'm working on getting used to that. I've been trying to more of the fellow Kentuckians more active here.
    Well I keep clicking "accept friend request" and it won't go through. I'll try to send you one.

    Never mind, it went through.
    Hey hows it going man?

    Well I think except for one other, until you got here, I was the only one from Kentucky. So to my knowledge that makes 3 of us. Maybe post something on the general discussion forum, ask everyone from Kentucky to come to the Kentucky forum and sound off?

    There's plenty of guys at OCDO that also have CCs and this forum gets a lot more topics about nationwide issues. Considering how popular CC is because of restrictions and ideologies, there's a lot more people here.

    Glad to see another fellow Kentuckian join up.
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