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    OK vehicle carry

    Question for CCP holders in OK. The state by state guide in this website cites that unloaded firearms may be carried in the passenger compartment and magazine loaded firearms in the trunk (paraphrasing). Does that apply to permit holders or just to the citizens not possessing a permit but it...
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    CCP Training Class Recommendation In El Paso County

    I would appreciate recommendations on SAFE conceal carry permit instruction in El Paso County - please specify why you recommend someone (if you do). Its for a woman if you think that women are better taught by women. Thanks in advance folks.
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    38 vs 357mag for concealed carry

    I agree. I picked the LCRx .38+p because I think the 357 is too much recoil for such a light snubby. The idea is to hit the target. If you want the magnum, go with the sp101