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  • Admitting you to Vets and Guns as soon as I send this write up your way my freind.
    Veterans and Guns welcomes StrykerPete321.
    Currently busy sending the faithful to go meet Allah in person, Iraq c/o the U.S. Army M1A2 tanks.
    He calls Alaska home, I think you may be our first member from that wild vast state.
    For R & R he gets into hunting, fishing, hiking, playing pool and Sport Shooting.
    His primary carry weapons is a S&W 1911 M&P Performance center.
    U got a BAR 30-06! Holy Smoke that is a classic!
    Other weapons include:
    Stevens .308, 12g Benelli, S&W 1911, Springfield XD .45 ACP, S&W 44 MAG Performance center 629
    NRA,US Army
    Active duty and in the sand, hoping everyone here makes you welcome.

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