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    Tac lights/ lasers and sights

    Im looking for a great laser/light combo for my XDM 9mm 3.8 compact.. Im considering Streamlight TLR-2 HL with a 630 lumen led and red laser. I was considering the green laser, but the light is only 200 lumes...and it costs more because of the green laser. And what are everyone's opinion of...
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    Open carry arguments.

    I got into an argument with my buddy who doesn't open carry. He said, its stupid and risky. As an example he said that if a crime IS being committed, that if the person was armed as saw you had an open firearm, that they would shoot you and the open carried fire arm would not act as a...
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    I got my carry permit today.

    The first thing I did was open carry in Walmart. Then, I ate lunch at McDonald's. I live in Minnesota. sent from a Samsung Galaxy S4
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    What if someone grabs your firearm while you are Open Carrying?

    What would you do? Im curious to know what can be done, and your thoughts.