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    Cobra Handgun

    When I was 21 I bought a sub compact cobra .380. I knew nothing about handguns, so I took it out of the box and shot it a few times and saved it. I took it out a few months later and the gun was a jamming machine. After I starting visting this site, I took the gun apart cleaned it and oiled it...
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    Registered In your name

    I bought a gun from my supervisor at work, but the gun was not in his name. I called the local sherriff department and they said in Louisiana it did not matter. I later called the State Police and they told me the same thing. I made the sherriff run the serial numbers on it to make sure it had...
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    Good Sub-compact for the price

    I am looking for a good sub-compact to carry over the summer. All I have is a standard addition glock and want something a bit smaller. Anyone know of a well priced good sub compact? Please let me know
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    Louisiana Laws

    Does anyone know where I can find Louisiana's Deadly Force Laws?
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    New to it all

    Hello everyone I am not new to guns in general, just new to the forums. I recently bought a 3rd Gen Glock 22c but I do believe it will be a little to large for someone my size to carry. I am 5' 11" 154lbs. Anyone have any luck carry this size a gun around the ankle? If it is just to big, I may...