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  • I had a Security Six but gave that to my son. I also have a SuperRedHawk (.44 Mag - 7 1/2" barrel) with a Leupold scope that I use for hunting; a Standard (.22 LR - Semi); GP 100 with 6" barrel; Single Six (.22 LR/.22 Mag); and New Model BlackHawk (.45 Colt - 4 5/8" barrel). I shoot .38s, especially if I am teaching a newbe to shoot; but make sure that I clean the pistol really good afterwards, paying special attentio to the cylinders.. If you do this, you shouldn't have any problems. Lead bullets seem to build up a residue if you let it build up; it takes a low of elbow grease to get off...soaking and resoaking in Hoppes #9.

    I found that the .22's leave a residue at the barrel crown, which GREATLY harms accuracy.

    Have fun!
    rugerdon; I thought since you have Ruger in your name you might be able to answer this question. I have 3 Rugers. Two Sp101's and an old Security Six my father gave me . I conceal carry the Sp101's . In Clark County you have to register all carry guns . I do not have Security Six registered to carry yet . Any way do you shoot .38 ammo out of .357's . I read in a book by John Farnam that "spalling " ( leaving a residue ) and will make .357 ammo not work or be accurate . I hope you let me know ; welcome to the site .
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