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    Desert Eagle 9mm

    Guys a friend at work just acquired a 9mm desert eagle, traded a Keltech and some cash, the only desert eagle I ever had anything to do with was a 8inch barrel monster in 50AE, cool gun, useless as hell, but definatly cool, so he comes in with this 9mm and I handle it ck trigger, it has a...
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    Is a permit requiered

    I know you can keep/carry a firearm in your home without a permit, you just cannot leave your home with it, my question is if you run a business, retail shop, car repair shop, restaurant, are you allowed to carry the gun inside your place of business without having a permit, I believe you can as...
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    Whats up with Target?

    I see in the news today that Target stores are "asking" that you do not bring guns into there stores, its like they know they don't have a legal leg, now don't take this the wrong way but I could just not help myself as there is Target right around the corner from us, so anyways I get home from...
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    Loaded Gun Found in Toy Aisle at Target Store – Anti-Gun Plant?

    I don't know who or what planted the gun, but Myrtle Beach white and wealthy??? white maybe but wealthy? go there sometime when the towns not full of bikers
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    Never believe a word this man say's

    Not excuseing his condisending lip service, about the same thing could be said of about any president we have had since WW2, don't forget 50 - 60 years ago the general public would never hear about most if not all of the bad things well connected polictical people did, what do you think would...
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    It's time for a discussion

    I like the spray idea but do they market it in larger sizes, maybe even a 55 gal drum so we could load up a crop duster airplane with it:lol:
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    Just how quik are you

    Some friends and I last week at a outdoor range decided to settle a little debate that been going on for some time and WILL NEVER EVER END, whats better concealed or open carry? we all agree that each has a place, but given the unexpected situation in which case would be able to bring your...
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    My 1st 1911

    Good choice, you wont be disappointed, but just for your own piece of mind it will most likely run FMJ no problem, but just to be sure run a box or two of your favorite hollow point before carrying
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    One in chamber? Yes / No

    That's just what I was going to ask, you got a chick-fil-a that's open on sunday, also I have never ever carried a gun that was not loaded with one in the pipe, when I bought a new gun at a gun store when it got to the car it was loaded and all of my guns stay that way, if you are afraid for for...
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    What's The Most Popular Concealed Carry Handgun on USA Carry

    Shot one at a range when I went to a training school in Atlanta, if you did not look at it it shoots indentical to a 30SF, it just has the G-36 slide, may carry better, a little easyer to conceal, but other than that it felt about the same
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    24-7 weapon

    Just woundering what everybody uses for a 24-7 gun, I meen all day everyday without fail its in your pocket, you may also carry something else at times but this gun is like putting on two socks instead of one
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    They're coming step by step

    Sounds a LOT like whaty would happen at my house
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    3 inch 1911s

    I just thought I would relate this to you all, mainly because most of the time we post complaining about this or that, and I.m sure I have mention my trials and tribulations concerning the 3 inch barrel 1911 guns, and I still have to say if you buy one no matter who the manufacturer is, it is a...
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    There you go trying to use simple logic, and what exactly makes you think the anti's will understand that :haha:
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    Is personal protection ammo worth the money

    this was just sort of a spur of the moment test but las night I fired a FMJ into a block wall at about 6-7 yds, and then fired a a PDX-1, and a speer gold dot, what I found strange was the hot stuff basicly poked a hole in the block with very little deformation, but thr PMC fmj mashed out to...