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    its all about attitude, so for when the next person tells you to smile, remember...
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    do we carry our guns or do our guns carry us?

    ok first let me say i love my second amendment and as soon as i can i am stocking up, especially with the abomination of obamanation. but for all you who carry your guns everywhere, even swimming or in the shower, do you think your actually captive by them? everyone else around you is blissfully...
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    Ammo Boxes

    ok we invade canada at dawn!
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    Ammo Boxes

    hey does anyone here use ammo boxes? and if you do do you just put the boxes of bullets into the big box or empty the paper boxes into the one big one?
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    Ammo Grain Question

    i will admit that in my research of everything second amendment i have been remiss in my research of the ammunition itself. is 180 grain good as far as general purpose ammunition? it will be mostly range use and i will probably purchase one box of hollow points for if and when i get the ability...
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    AMMO! best bang for your buck?

    ok guys what do you think are some of the best brand names for ammo? and what gives you the most bang for your buck, that is the quality quantity balance. we all know not all bullets are the same and the grain amount usually has some bearing. also more specifically the .40sw, what would you guys...
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    I Think I Have Found My First Gun P99

    it was down to an apples to apples argument with me, the sig 229 or the walther p99. both in a .40sw caliber. all and all i think im going with the p99QA because first, they are both reliable, second the walther is thinner and also the walther is slightly more appealing as far as looks go. what...
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    How Do YOU Carry?

    how do you guys carry your guns? as in concealed carry, on your hip? under the arm? on your back? and to anyone who carries it on their back, how comfortable is it? like when you sit in a chair or in the car.
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    Differences Between P226 and P229

    ok guys and gals i think i finally decided on my first handgun for carry range and home defense. i am looking at the sig p229 elite. i have heard amazing things about the p226 but what are the main differences between the two? also what do you guys think of the 226 elite against the other...
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    mass compliant roster

    found this, its relitivley new so it should be usefull for you guys Link Removed
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    USP Comp LEM

    USP Comp LEM, what does LEM mean? what does USP Comp LEM mean? i know the usp compact, but unsure what LEM stands for. it was off the most recent mass compliant gun roster. if anyone wants to review the list ill provide the link. Link Removed
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    a GUN drive

    ok i had this thought, there are book and coat drives, how about a gun drive? not to just give away though. the way the drive would work is to get guns people no longer want, and repair them if needed or dispose of them safely. then they could use the donated weapons to TEACH people the proper...
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    I Was Almost Not Allowed To Vote!!!

    so i wore my mccain tshirt to my former highschool as i went to vote. i get there to find out i cant vote unless its covered up. i am in massachusetts but even for here thats bull. i got the stinkeye from a bunch of people but the few acutal mccain supporters were there to back me up. so at...
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    If Obama Wins

    im going to canada, anyone coming with?
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    What Do You Look For In A Gun?

    wait, did i say that right? what do you look for in a girl... gun, yea i mean gun. looks or personality. and by personality i mean the functionality