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    Wow, that's a busy family! Yes, I made it a creer, times I wish I hadn't others I'm glad I did. Best reason now is the job market, but, it has made it easier to spend time doing things with my family. My wife is an Army brat (LOL) her dad retired as a LTC, her brother was a CPT (reverted to enlisted and is now a MSG). Our kids are younger, we have a 17 year old, just passed his Eagle board in Boy Scouts, a 13 year old daughter (going on 37 to hear her talk, thankfully boys are still gross to her), and an 11 year old boy just joined scouts. I replied to the other chat line and explained a bit about what keeps us so busy.

    My wife works for the elementary schools as a para-pro, assisting in lunchtime supervision, playground supervision, meds as necessary, and as a social worker for kids in the at risk pool. She is also a Girl Scout leader.

    Yes, we have a very hectic life nowadays.

    We only get to see each other for about 4 hours a day with all the activities the kids have, we have, etc.

    Best wishes to you and yours, and thank you for your kids (adults really) service as well.
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