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    New technology violates privacy?

    Link Removed I can see a great benefit here, but at what cost to freedom? Imaging if they tweek the software to identify gun owners or CCW permit holders? Just runnin' it up the flag pole......jury is still out in my mind.
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    I was made at work.... Crap

    Here's a link to to company that produces the video my company is pushing as "required viewing". Link Removed Shot's Fired When Lightning Strikes
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    Pocket pistol vs. Compact pistol for CCW

    I just went through the same decision making process and went with the S&W M&P 340 CT with a Desantis Super Fly pocket holster. 13.3 oz 5 shot 38+p/.357 revolver. Crimson Trace grips and XS Trintium night sights. I decided against the even lighter 340 PD due to some questions about the Ti...
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    One in the chamber? Or not!!

    Interesting article I came across yesterday Link Removed I know you're not carrying a 1911, but a good article just the same addressing the need to be ready when the proverbial "poop" hits the fan.
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    Kimber Custom CDP II- Practical carry gun?

    Hello- I just made my New Year resolution to get my permit. I was astonished when I talked with my wife about this, to find she is interested in attending classes with me and get hers as well! My main home defense gun is the Kimber Custom CDP II (Full size 1911) .45 acp. I've had it for about 3...