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    What to consider in a good tactical self-defense knife

    Ok, so ill admit I know nothing about knife fighting. But I am interested in learning. I already carry a concealed firearm, but I want to expand my training to edged weapons. I plan to take a course on personal defense with edged weapons soon. In the meantime I am hoping to learn about what best...
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    Range Rules

    Does anyone else out there find the typical "no loaded firearms behind the firing line" rule at most ranges annoying? I don't appreciate being stripped of my right to carry a loaded firearm anywhere, especially at a place where I KNOW other guns are present and being fired. Id much rather go...
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    Why it's so difficult to decide when to restore rights to ex-felons

    Wasn't sure where to post this. It has to do with 2A, but so much more. In another discussion thread, the issue of 2A rights being restored to felons (or not) after they'd finished their sentences, etc., was very thoughtfully discussed. My argument is that even ex-felons SHOULD have their...
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    Carry Ammo - Single Type vs. Mixed

    Looking for feedback on the pros and cons of carrying a single brand/model of ammo for personal defense, or a mixture of different types in the same mag(s). Have heard a couple of arguments, but sounds worthy of exploring. Ready, set, go!
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    Concealed carry to Doctor and Dentists offices

    I've noticed some recent posts suggesting that people might be hesitant to carry to doctor or dentist appointments, and I'm wondering why. It's never become an issue for me, and I am regularly in the dentist chair. My dentist knows I carry, and has no issue with it. I have even gone to the...
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    Costco has a no firearms policy!

    Maybe this is already common knowledge, but it shocked me this weekend to learn that Costco has a company- wide policy that no firearms are allowed in their stores. I called and spoke at length with a manager about this policy, and he stated that corporate believed it to be for the "safety and...
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    Leave your state!

    I've been working for a long time on a plan to get out of the Great Socialist State of California, and move back to America. If I can find a place where it still exists, that is. But its got me thinking. Why don't more people do the same? The power is in our hands to effect huge change simply by...
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    After market sights shooting high

    I just had some Trijicon HD Night Sights professionally installed on my Glock 22. First of all, I absolutely love the design. But after some minor tweaks by the armorer on his range (windage adjustments), we noticed the shots hitting about 2" high at 7 yards. I'm a pretty darned good shot, and...
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    Sheepdog attitude...pros vs. cons

    I'm new here, so please forgive me if this topic has been talked to death already... I've seen a few comments since I've been on board here that seem to put down the sheepdog mentality as somehow over-zealous, over-tough, or dangerous. I'm not sure I understand where this come from. I have 16...
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    Trijicon HD Night Sights

    Looking to upgrade my Glock 22 from factory sights to night sights, and I am close to decided on Trijicon's HD series. I like them for their construction, the slightly higher profile, the larger cutout on the rear sight, and the fact that the irises on the rear dots are blacked out, drawing...