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    Simple Prayer

    As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord Our Soldiers keep, keep Them safe away from harm, and bring Them home into our arms. Amen
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    50+ year old .38 revolver

    Greetings fellow enthusiasts! I am helping a friend who, shall we say, lacks knowledge of firearms. He recently inherited a .38 revolver (no idea of mfg) that has not been cleaned in, oh, 50+ years... The trigger pull is estimated at about 110 lbs... I have offered to clean the dang thing &...
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    Carrying again after 27 years

    Several months back I decided I needed to arm myself outside the home just because I felt uncomfortable in public with all the shenanigans going on. I took my classes; applied for my permit; and now carry. I purchased two holsters - one belt style - one IWB. I also purchased a couple of...
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    LEO Notification - Colorado

    Been reading and researching Colorado CCP laws and have not found any information regarding whether permit holders must notify Police (like Ohio) about carrying a pistol. I do see where the law states a LEO may disarm you and return your pistol after the stop. Does anyone have a link or...
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    S&W Bodyguard

    I purchased a S&W Bodyguard in late July with some misgivings. :wacko: I wasn't sure about the attached laser's ability to function. Well, I was right. One round and the laser quit. (It is one of the "new" models, so I thought the bug had been solved by S&W...) My question for you good folks...