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    Land Between the Lakes

    I am from IN and we were down in KY last week riding around(on a HD, not a bycycle) and going into the park(Land between the Lakes) there are big signs about no guns allowed. I thought it was a state park, but its a fed park now(so it says). I locked up the gun to be safe, since the signs are...
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    Getting Fl permit

    Hope I did not miss the info somewhere in here, but I did look :) I have all the paperwork now to get my FL permit(I can't drive thru Ohio with Indiana's LTCH, since they don't like to honor ours...) so I decided to get a out of state one from FL. I have a DD214 from the military, so thats my...
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    Beretta PX4 Concealed

    I carry the full size PX4 in a Kholster ... I also carry the Beretta 92FS.... also with a Kholster... The Storm is just a great gun! Link Removed
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    Possibly silly question

    Here is a good link to use.... Link Removed And In accepts PA CCW so you can carry it in Indiana.... But make sure someone smart replies.... I rely on maps too much...:wacko: always get more than one answer !!!