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I am a laid Back typically left leaning in ideology person, who rejects the Narrative that guns and gun owners are bad. Even though I typically believe in the need to have love, compassion, and empathy for thy neighbor and fellow Citizens, I also Believe in the Right To Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Neighbor, and Fellow Citizens. The 2nd Amendment is the Amendment that Protects all others, and I firmly Believe without it, we wouldn't have the Country we Have today. I believe that one by one our Rights are being eroded, and having the right to bear arms is the only thing that has stopped certain centers of power from completely eroding our rights. I don't believe it is an Oxymoron to be a progressive thinker, but to believe in the rights of guns, in fact I think more Progressives should defend the right to bear arms. If you are a progressive you are supposed to believe in bringing our nation forward and being open minded, and you are supposed to believe in the founding principle's of this nation. The Right to Bear arms was the Second Amendment for a reason, to protect the people against Tyranny, and I will stand up for this right every day I am alive, just as I will stand up for Free Speech and the Right to Privacy and the Rights of the Minority to be protected against the Majority. These are all founding Principles of our great Republic, and if we are to be true to ourselves as a nation, we need to seriously study our Constitution and the meaning behind it, and pass it on to our kids, so the True American Spirit Lives on. I also reject our 2 Party System and how our system pits us the people against each other with stupid social fights, that in the end don't really matter. The things that really matter are our corrupt politicians who profit off their corruption, and the Corporate and Professional Elites stripping away our rights and our ability to prosper in the middle class day by day. The Economic Policy put in place by the two parties shows us that the 2 party's are really the same party in the end, and in no way benefit the average american. The way they get away with this though is by pitting us against each other for stupid social issues like gay marriage and where people can pee in bathrooms. This keeps the people distracted on an issue that really doesn't matter in the end, while they secretly collude on economic matters that are breaking down the working class of this country day by day. These are the things that really matter, and we need to honor our American Traditions and embrace our differences and unite against the Corporate elite in this country. Only then can we take back our country and really bring back in era of prosperity for us and our kids!

Anyways, As you can tell, I am a political Junkie who can't be pigeon holed into one category. I am also an IT Administrator who works on Servers, Workstations, and Network Infrastructures throughout Las Vegas. I also am a professional Audio Engineer who Records, Mixes and Masters Music of all Genre's. In what little spare time I have I like keep my shooting skills sharp by practicing them at the Range or in the Desert. I also like to shoot steel and local amateur steel matches here in Clark County just for fun. If you want a shooting buddy who doesn't subscribe to the normal Conservative and NRA Talking Points and actually thinks for himself, but Still Believes in the right to Bear arms and Enjoy's Shooting, hit me up, and lets go to the range!

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