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    Concealed Carry IWB Holster

    What is your favorite IWB holster for concealed carry? I use a Desantis Sof Tuk and I really like it but I want to explore some other options.
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    Remington 700

    I recently watch a show on CNBC that was aired in 2010 on a surprising and very dangerous design flaw of the Remington 700 rifle. I guess the basic concept was that the trigger and safety mechanism had a flaw allowing the gun to fire while disengaging the safety to unload the weapon, movement...
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    Very well put
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    Transfer of ownership

    If my father owns a handgun and wants to give it to me as a gift, what do I need to do to transfer the ownership? He lives and purchased the gun in a different state than me.
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    Is printing legal with a cwp in SC? I have heard that it is and that it isn't.
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    SC Boar and Bird Hunts

    Anybody know of any good guided hunts available in South Carolina? I have hunted Bostick Plantation and it's awesome but any other suggestions?
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    Sc cwp

    Anyone have any recent account of how long the wait time is for their SC CWP? I'm expecting the full 90 but it's been 60 and I'm getting a little anxious.