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    Extended Stay America

    I've traveled around the country, stayed at many different hotels/motels but only resently noticed that Extened Stay Non-America specifically states NO fierarms on their property! Have others noticed this? Is it a state thing? sdg
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    need for multiple permits?

    Is there any basis to get a non-resident permit in a state that another permit covers? I am a consultant whom works in many states for various lengths of time, if going to a state that honors a current permit would getting a permit in that state buy you / me anything? sdg
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    Concealed Carry, gun exposure

    I'd like to hear some info on accidentally exposure Generally where there is open carry I assume no issue I've been told some state will fine you even if there was no intent to reveal? I travel have multiple CC permits, but sometimes moving around, getting in and out of vehicle shirt/jacket may...
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    Long Story, looking for answers/advise

    So here I am 1500 miles from home carrying w/permit, of course! (Drove here for work) Issues: 1-gun problem, S&W 4506 looks like damaged bushing 1a-no one want to look at it 2-S&W said ship it to them UPS or FEDEX 2a-No one will ship it 3-No back-up (should be #1) 3a-can't buy handgun...