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    SAF SuesNY to Void 'Good Cause' Carry Permit Requirement

    SAF SUES IN NEW YORK TO VOID 'GOOD CAUSE' CARRY PERMIT REQUIREMENT Link Removed Link Removed I hope these suits just keep coming!
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    Chicago Roster of Unsafe Handguns

    Everything by Acme is banned too. Marvin the Martian reacts to the banning of his Acme Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator: Link Removed
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    Trial Lawyers Expect Tax Break from Treasury Dept.

    Of course, the usual suspects are involved. LegalNewsline | Sources: Trial lawyers expect tax break from Treasury Department Remember that these are the guys that brought us all those wonderful lawsuits against manufacturers of firearms.
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    Chicago Roster of Unsafe Handguns

    I'm left without much to say after looking this over...Daisy, everything made by them is banned? I guess is just demonstrates the quality of the people working for Chicago.
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    Questions about carrying in Nevada and California

    Nice try. We never mentioned those. But don't let reality cause you a problem. NLV and Boulder carry ordnances not grandfathered. We'll give you a pretty little video to watch: YouTube - Open Carry in North Las Vegas Sorry buddy, no arrests. Like I told ya' -- the locals in NLV and Boulder...
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    Indictments announced against officers in New Orleans bridge deaths

    Indictments announced against officers in New Orleans bridge deaths -
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    Questions about carrying in Nevada and California

    Details aren't totally correct, but you won't have any problems following what you posted. FYI -- you don't have to store the ammo and gun separately. You can put the unloaded handgun and magazines or loose ammo in a case and lock it. You can put the key in your pocket or have it hanging from...
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    Mehserle letter: ex BART cop sorry...

    Link Removed Click on the link to read the letter.
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    Plainclothes Policewoman saves hostage.

    Link Removed
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    Troll Management

    After reading this thread I'm pretty sure this is On Topic: Link Removed
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    Citation prevents gun ownership for Irwin man

    Just a little more proof that individual Constitutional Rights should trump states rights. BTW, here's a link: Link Removed
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    The Best Defense Instruction Available

    Here's the video you've all been waiting for: YouTube - Your Other Guns
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    US, Israel Warships in Suez May Be Prelude to Faceoff with Iran

    Error - Arutz Sheva (link appears to work despite 'error' in tagline --url is h**p:// )
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    Let's PsychoAnalyze BHO

    Link Removed