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  • Mr. Mwhals, I'm real sorry to hear that you also lost a daughter at such a young age. I also lost my daughter when she was 12. She got struck by a car while crossing the street to get to her school bus stop. You can google her name. It's Ashley Lauren Maynard. She had her mother's last name. Anyway, she received so much head trauma that her brain couldn't recover from it and she passed away 8 days later. We donated her organs and she saved the lives of 5 people. I know you miss her every second of every day. I would suggest you find a support group called the Compassionate Friends. They are parents who lost a child, and I think it helps. As far as your permit, you'll know better next time. I don't know the open carry laws in Indiana, but maybe you can look into that. Take care Sir.
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